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Thursday, August 18, 2005

Ministry through Hall Passes

I have been gone for a long time. I have begun school again. This year my classes are peppered with car injury victums, and kids who are either abussed neglected or unsure about their genders or just unhappy. There are squirls who touch themselves, and preppy girls who beam with correct answers and swaety boys who think they are gangsters and girls who break the dress code, and funny kids and mad kids, white kids and black kids. Its school. If all we did was teach...
I love my job.
Teaching your children is the hardest thing ever, and I look on it as a ministry. It is my way of working for you. I am loving my neighbor by making their kids spit out their gum, stop, come in early and add positive and negative integers so they can go on to Algebra and get some good high school classes and maybe go to college and then maybe they will teach too.

I try to make them be nice, and not say shut up and if I can help it I try to get them to be democrats.
I tell them I love MLK and I cry when we read the Devil's Arethmatic and I make them laugh with stories of my daughter and I lose my temper and go ape shit every once and a while, and then on Wednesday its Fried Chicken day.

Life at school. My son reminds me its been six years. Longer than any job I have ever had.
I fucking kick Ass. I am tecaher man.

Anyway this is where my mind is. I can't seem to talk about anything else. I know that all one of you who read this have missed my musings. I promise somthing funny soon.
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