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Wednesday, July 20, 2005

Swarthy Canadians

I was under a friends account and visiting the Fussy blog. She challenged readers to use Swarthy 5 times in a sentence. I came up with 5 hilarious non-racisits uses but when I posted them it says BB made them up. She is wonderful and a dear friend but simply not as clever and funny as geekfarm.(Sorry BB) Here is what I wrote.
1. My dessert was warm and swarthy.
2. I can't decide which melon to purchase: the Honey Dew or the Swarthy Lady.
3. Swarthy? I hardly know hy!
4. My fellow Americans... These are swarthy times...
5. Fred Willard is not as swarthy as I would like him to be...
Canadians can sometimes expect some food items to be frozen when served. They are used to going outside and tapping trees for syrup and pulling deer meat from snowbanks next to the front door. If you live in a warmer climate and have Canadian guests, keep a cooler full of hot dogs in the yard and duct tape some Mrs. Buttersworth to a tree. This is the least you can do to make your neighbor from the North feel at home!
You are so fucking hilarious!
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