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Sunday, July 24, 2005

Ice Cream and Asphalt

I live in a hot place. It is like a boiling sea everytime you leave the house. We are on the gulf but there is no relief and mother nature is trying to destroy us.
I saw a mother in low rider jeans and high heeled sandles trying to help out her 7 year old with his ice cream. The kid was upset and today was 112 with the humidity. I can only imagine she was trying to bring some releif to him but it wasn't working. It breaks my heart to see when kids are hot and tired, and parents are hot and tired and there is that unavoidable clash of too young to control your emotions, and too hot and too frustrated to control your emotions.
We try so hard as parents to bring comfort to our kids. I have a 16 year old who I would do anything to bring comfort to. It seems anytime we are alone we clash like the mom and the 7 year old in an asphalt parking lot. We are both at fault, but he is too young and I am too frustrated, but later he came riding up the street on a bicycle and he was bubly and like a kid again.
The summer is a hard season here in Florida. The Earth has had it with us and our homes are broken and every 2nd idiot would give GW a blow job if asked. There is a contractor at my house who hires extras to look like they are working, and I have to go back to work tomorrow. In JULY! I am a teacher for god sakes! JULY!? What the fuck happened to summer ?
I am waiting to see the end of this movie. The fucked up yet glorious couple of years that would not end.
Here is a tip for keeping those pesky mosquitos at bay. Try rubbing your skin in butter and Sweet and Low. It dosen't work well on children but works great on School district administartors. Try it today!
Summer ended when FCAT began.
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