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Saturday, July 16, 2005

Get Out

There are times when too much happens to a person. It can be a day where a train blocks your path amd you have to help your sister set up her internet connection and you have to go to yet another funeral. It can be a day when you realize there is no turning back. A day when you know there is no way you can go to another funeral in your hometown. A day when you realize you can no longer evacuate and return to sleep in the heat and swat the mosquitos. A day you also realize that your children may not get any better if you stay and that they may even get worse when you leave.
If I wanted to do anything, it was to keep this from being a I bought sour milk then divorced my husband and people at work are mean. I've ben trying to take one of those quiet nuggets of laughter that won't easily leave your mind and spin it out there for someone to catch the misspellings.
This week hasn't been funny.
My sister has a cat that she kept outside and it got picked up by the pound. She went on a Friday and was too late to get it. My other sister offered to pick it up , but when she got there it cost $200 and my other sister did not know what the cat looked like.
When the first sister finally picked up the cat she finds out it had bit someone and that she may have to pay a fine or go to court. I am realizing as I write this this is not a funny nugget.
I went on vacation to an idylic city in up state NY. We went out on a boat on the 4th of July and parked 500 yards from the fireworks barge. Cool breezes blew through my thick Baldwinesque hair as the fireworks exploded overhead. My daughter who had never seen fireworks before shivered in terror and said "Get OUT!"
Well, she has the right idea.
Nothing makes for an easier dinner party than a Stoufers frozen Lasagna. They take 2 hours when they are frozen, but if your feeling blue, invite some friends over, pop one in the oven, pour the wine and before you know it you'll be eating your cares away~!
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